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God doesn't play dice

Albert Einstein

Online Backgammon

Online backgammon is a very popular game on the internet today. It is becoming very popular as a worldwide game, and you can find many online software like Play65 and variety of players from all over the world that play online backgammon.

The first attempt, of adapting backgammon as a computer game, was in the 70's by Hans Berliner. His plan was to develop software which can calculate the moves of the computer, as a player, against a human player's moves. The plan of Berliner did not succeed, and the computer's level game was not as a human player. Winning the computer was not a hard mission, even for beginners. The first computer program, which achieved a level of backgammon game close to a very good human player, was TD-Gammon. The main idea of the program was to know to play backgammon well by playing many games against itself, improving the skill and learning from the results of the game. Now, winning the computer has become a challenge.

In the 90's the internet appeared in the world. Although it was invented in 1969, only more than 20 years later it appeared and created a new comprehension among computer professionals; the structure of the net was, and still, based on a network system that can create an international and long range communication. Now, the new challenge was adapting backgammon as an internet game, so people from all over the world will be able to play online backgammon against worldwide players.

'FIBS' is the first online backgammon server. It appeared on the net in the 90's and still exists. FIBS (the First Internet Backgammon Server) implemented the great advantage of playing online backgammon against a human player. The computer, as a player, has become less alluring than playing online backgammon with a human player.

As a result of the internet appearance and FIBS backgammon server, the game was exposed to many people, that began noticing the greatness of online backgammon, and it has become very popular on the net.
The internet brought a lot of advantages to our lives. The online backgammon is a good example for that. Online backgammon became a popular game with simple rules that can fit anyone. This is an important note- the internet made the most significant changes in these aspects. Each player can download and install the software. The aim of the net is to help and simplifying the process of surfing, also in the case of online backgammon, but especially in the case of Play65.

Today, you can find many kinds of backgammon software, which you can download and then to play online backgammon, but Play65 is the leading one. Play65 is the biggest and the top software in the world today. Because it is the biggest center for players, you will always find an available partner in your game level, to play with. The great thing while playing online backgammon with Play65 is the amount of players and the variety levels; partners from Japan, Greece, Italy, Turkey, U.S.A, Israel and many other countries, already enjoy the Play65 online backgammon. Furthermore, there are plenty levels of games; from beginners to advanced players. Although it is an online backgammon, the interface of the game has 3D graphic, and it looks and sounds exactly like the real board game.

It is very easy to install the software. The instructions are simple and every user can download it and simply install the Play65 software. After installing it, you can start playing online backgammon for free, as much as you want, and it also offers playing the games with real or fictitious money. Of course that all the backgammon accounts are protected by Play65 safety measures, so there is no doubt that each player's private data is kept completely confidential and safe.

Online backgammon also offers you participating in the backgammon tournaments. Backgammon tournaments are also very popular today on the net. This is a good chance to play series games of online backgammon, compete against worldwide players and make some money and wining awards. You can find tournaments from beginners to championship
Everyone can participate in it, and if you want to try, you can do it only by online backgammon.
Play65 have backgammon tournaments. These are the best online backgammon tournaments today on the net. They include diverse tournaments with worldwide partners, and the prizes offered to the winners by Play65, are highly valuable. You can participate in the online backgammon tournament called "Filling the List", which will start as soon as the amount of participates is full, or tournament called "The Tournament's Event", which the date and a time set in advance, "The Swing Tournament", that in comparison to other tournaments, (where once you lost you are out of the tournament), you can continue participating as long as you have chips to gamble with, and so on.

There are many great advantages of online backgammon; the available competitors, the variety of levels, the availability and accessibility, the worldwide competitors, the online backgammon tournaments, the game for real or fictitious money and the security. You can find all of them in Play65. It is very tempting to play online backgammon, but first make sure that you are doing it correctly, by choosing the right software.
So if you did not play online backgammon yet, you can try it now then. As long as you have an access to the internet, the online backgammon is available. Furthermore, backgammon is a fast game. One online backgammon game, takes only a few minutes. Play65 works 24/7 all over the world, and so does the online backgammon.

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